Here the main point is the location. But our Posto offers much else.

The most important and not to be changed criterion for a property: the location, the location and once again the location.

Well, a better view with so much land and so much peace will probably not be found so fast.

Before the view of the sea can be fully enjoyed, the plot has to be freed a little bit of the vegetation - this and the completion of our Posto we gladly take over on request.

Please note the favorable entry price!

In het kort

Size huis : 220 sqm

Size Land : 20000 sqm

State house : to finish

Openstelling land : opened

Afstand buurman : 500 m

Afstand dichtstbijzijnde stad : 3 km

Afstand tot de zee : 4 km

Prijs : 130.000 EUR

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